Day 115: Sierra City Redux

July 8th
Total mileage: 1683
Today’s mileage: 16 (+1.5)

It is amazing on days that you’re going to reach town, how you can just absolutely crush the miles. I had a challenging deadline, as my dad had offered to pick me up in the small town of Sierra City at 1 PM. One slight problem with this particular town, which is exceptionally small, is that there is no cell phone coverage. (When there is a medical or fire emergency, personnel are called to a rally point with a town-wide klaxon in the middle of the night.) So I was hopeful that we didn’t run into any hitches meeting up.

Someone left a pair of shoes here, dumb.

Maybe the first State of Jefferson signs of the trail.

Notice that the store has absolutely run out of storage space on resupply boxes. They are actually used to form lanes around the store.
Back in Portland after completing this section. My footprints are now connected from Mexico to Seiad Valley! California is within reach.

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