Day 14: The Middle Fork of the Gila River

April 24th
Today’s mileage: ?
CDT mile: ?

John’s video showcases some excellent footage of the Middle Fork:

We made a decision around 5 PM to leave the middle fork and take a path up above the canyon that would put us on a traditional trail, as we needed to reach Doc Campbell’s relatively early in the morning, to secure a hitch back to Silver City, where our main extraction was coming.

Ironhusk, during the ascent out of the canyon. Photo courtesy of Six-2.

We cooked in the dark after a long day. We crossed the shallow Gila around 102 times today.

Here are two shots from the following morning of our campsite. NoticeĀ Six-2’sĀ creative pitch for us to maximize the little amount of flat space available.

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