Day 42: Stashing Water in the Desert

May 26th
Today’s mileage: 0

Today, several friends are renting a Chevy Spark together to accomplish different tasks. Six-2, Darko, Honeybadger, Taters and myself will drive out in the desert and hide gallons of water for us and strangers at Bird Spring Cache. (Update: We stashed 24 gallons; 5 for us and the remaining 19 for others.)

Water Cache Mayhem



Deep-fried smushed-up frog legs is the best I can think of…..image


We will need to do big days this week, with 25s on Wed, Thurs, and Friday, and then 10 on Sat morning. There is also a lot of elevation gain, ugh. And the historical temps we’ve managed to avoid until now are catching up. Thursday and Friday should be mid to high 90s, so we gotta be smart the next few days.

More and more hikers arrived at the Thai restaurant for dinner. When we departed, we somehow managed to fit 7 people in this Chevy Spark. I think Hendrix is beneath Recon.



2 thoughts on “Day 42: Stashing Water in the Desert”

  1. Kelso Valley Road and Bird Spring Pass are the two main spots I can think of to stash water. That stretch through there is about the hardest water access+hottest on the entire trail. There is a lackluster spring (with cows) about two miles north on the Kelso Valley Road.

    Congrats on the easy hitch at Highway 58. That overpass was my original “Manning Park” in 1996. Had to wait forever for a car to pull up, finally one did. Got a ride to Tehachapi AM/PM parking lot with him…He wouldn’t let me get out of the car though for 30 minutes…he had just gotten out of prison and was heartbroken over a girl and wanted to talk about it.

  2. Dude! You have your work cut out for you the next few days.

    Sure hope you don’t miss the U2 shows… 😛

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