Day 18: A Zero in Big Bear

May 2nd
Today’s location: A zero in the town of Big Bear Lake
Today’s mileage: 0!

Laundry and shower done. Feeling more human already.Pizzeria Six-2 Big Bear Lake

We had a fun time in town, hitting Saucy Mama’s pizzeria and ending the night with another meal at Murphy’s Saloon, where we witnessed some truly awful karaoke. Here are two shots of Six-2, with a guy he kept calling Warren Buffet, hehe. Warren kept leaning over us and asking for coffee refills.

Six-2 Murray's Saloon

Six-2 Warren Buffet Murray's Saloon




6 thoughts on “Day 18: A Zero in Big Bear”

  1. I’m thinking that a personal trail angel service would be in high demand in that section of tail…

  2. Hi,
    I’m tracking your progress on my California map. I am so impressed with what you are doing, as well as the varieties of terrains and your amazing pictures. I looked to see where this trail winds up through California, Oregon and Washington. You have a lot of incredible scenery ahead. It takes a lot of perseverance to do what you are doing. There must be countless times a day when you feel like “ditching it”. Love, Aunt Donna

  3. Hola! Beautiful drive this AM over Santiam, listening to SOI, coming to a job in Bend. Full moon was amazing. South-to-north: Broken Top, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, Belknap Crater, Washington, Three-Fingered Jack, Jefferson – everything has such a light snow cover. No snow anywhere near Santiam Pass. It’s great that you’re taking these zeroes to recharge through this difficult section. Tip: lie down on the ground to check the flatness before you even get your tent out!

    1. My friend here in Bend says that McKenzie Pass is opening June 1 – a month early. She hiked up there from the snow gate on the Sisters side and said there were only a couple of inches at the observatory on top a couple of weeks ago (likely gone now).

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