Day 23: Respite at Big Bear Lake

May 7th
Total mileage: 266
Today’s mileage: 0

I’ve returned to the International Traveler’s Hostel in Big Bear Lake. This place is a great value for only $20. I’m the only one on a bunk in the bunk room, and the price includes two meals, laundry, showers, and a pickup from the trailhead.

I think I’m going to take another zero day today. That wasn’t my intention, but this last stretch really sapped my strength, and there is a cold front that has arrived, with snow expected tomorrow (Friday). It sounds like three nights should be in the mid- to high-20s, so it’s pretty tempting to try and wait it out, especially when this hostel is so cheap. And warm. Did I mention it’s warm in here?

I met a doctor on the trail two days ago, whose trailname is…wait for it..Doc. And I told him about how my legs have been super sore every night, waking me up a dozen times. He said it’s from overuse. That the muscles haven’t had time to repair and get stronger, that I need to really drastically reduce my mileage. I’m also a bit concerned about my right acchilles tendon, as it continues to be sore. It doesn’t look swollen, which is a good sign. But he highly advised me to take some time off.

BTW, 10% of the trail is done! hehe

I met Six-2, and hikers Honeybadger and Stretch at a Himalayan restaurant in town for lunch. We then returned to Murray’s again that evening for Round 3 vs. the Ironburger, and some truly terrible but awesome karaoke. Fellow hikers Fifty, Sweetums, Six-2 and Skyline are treating the saloon to their rendition of “Pony”. Somehow, I missed this song when it had airplay….




7 thoughts on “Day 23: Respite at Big Bear Lake”

  1. Some great shots the last few days. You’re being much more diligent to get photos than I would be. At $20/day including meals, they can’t be in it to make a profit – that’s a great price. Hope your legs get better.

  2. Sounds like a great plan – to stay warm and avoid snow plus letting legs heal! Yes, pictures are terrific!

  3. Man you are such a slacker. Warmth is overrated anyway…

    Yes, do take it easy and rest your legs. You still have a ways to go and need to build up your form. Also I wouldn’t want to be in snow with your quilt.

  4. Smart move! Stay there ’til legs feel better and temperatures are warmer.
    How far are you from James? Maybe he would bring you a warmer sleeping bag.
    You need better rest for all that energy expended in hiking. Aunt

  5. Smart move…plus it gives me more time to figure out when and where to meet you on the Oregon side of the trail.

  6. Man, we are SO with you. Even as we sat through a concert last night – oh, the Charlotte Symphony was wonderful in Dvorak’s 9th Symphony – the classical music American anthem (in my mind). And at the intermission I asked Ane – so where do you think Tim is – we have just got to get to him. I wrote Maya and Kristin, but then found you, all by my self. We shall be with you Troubadour as you hike forth – with our love, Ole and Ane. You will be an every day adventure for us as we sally forth into the spring of the Blue Ridge.

    1. It made me quite happy to hear from the two of you. 🙂 I’m glad you can enjoy this experience through me vicariously. Some of the beauty and none of the pain, hehe.

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