Day 3: A Bike in the Incessant Sun

April 13th
Today’s mileage: 21
CDT mile 53

We ran into Jasmine early this morning, who had made a camp replete with a campfire and traditional coffee. It was hard not to snicker when he admitted to having spilled half a bottle of honey in his pack. I imagined his paper maps all stuck together. It was nice to hike with him, however, and we continued together until Lordsburg.

Every cache has a register like this, so friends can communicate back and forth. It’s useful at times to know how hard you need to push to catch a friend, for example.


The 3rd water cache for the week.
We took a siesta to try and mitigate the midday heat.

We were delighted when we reached this water tank, which was not a guaranteed source of water. The boys both cooled their feet with the accessible hose.

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