Day 4: Hiding from Hades

April 14th
Today’s mileage: 18
CDT mile 71

Yours truly in the distance. Photo courtesy of Six-2.

Water cache #4 for the week.

We saw a bunch of pronghorn (akin to antelope), and even 3 wild javalinas (boars) later in the day.

It was a terribly hot afternoon. We went through a small gully and found this tree, which was perhaps the only tree of any real shade for the entire day. Six-2 declared he was taking a 2 hour siesta, but Jasmine and I decided we would just push on. We climbed out of the other side of the gully and saw only desolation as far as the eye could see. It didn’t take much for us to convince ourselves to turn around and retreat to the tree of sanctuary. It was the right decision!



The shade beneath the tree was littered with cow dung. It was too much to worry about.
Jasmine and Ironhusk in the distance.

Very glad he didn’t wreck his eye or face on the barbed wire (video at top). The CDT map calls this a “gate”.

Six-2 encouraged me to cowboy camp outside with him tonight, gushing about how beautiful the Milky Way was. But ever since our first night of getting caught in the rain storm, I was once bitten-twice shy. 🙂

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  1. I am so glad you caught that on film! The videos are great. I really wished I had done more with my GoPro while on the road.

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