Day 32: Summit Day

May 16th
Total mileage: 384

About to summit Baden Powell. Hoping the snow is nominal. May be off the grid for the next 5 days. Agua Dulce/Acton is our next goal. Hope the temps are ok tonight. Hard to leave the cabin.

The Wrightwood 5 at Coffee B&W

Update: Reached summit, 9,400 ft. lots of snow and slush.

A very kind trail angel who had hosted Honeybadger the first two nights and shared wisdom.

Lost a glove on the ascent, bah.

Honeybadger and Armstrong leading the way.

This tree is something like 1,500 years old. Sadly, several people have chiseled their initials into it.

We descended about 8 miles, but it wasn’t enough to get down off the mountain. We reached Little Jimmy campground just before dark. Unfortunately, it was slammed with people, from both scouts and a church youth group. There were several fires going, but no real space within the campground itself. Most thru-hikers gathered on an adjacent covered service road.

There was a line of a dozen thru-hiker tents set up like this on a covered service road. Armstrong and I had our shelters so close, we shared a guyline (rope).

EXTRA: Joe Brewer has an excellent video showing this stretch of trail from Baden-Powell (Mile 370) To Agua Dulce (Mile 454). I highly recommend subscribing to his channel:

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