Day 35: the long descent

May 19th
Total mileage: 444

Today should be a long descent back to the desert basin. Ready to be back in warmer temps. (Careful what I wish for?) The KOA campground that hikers are aiming for has showers, laundry, and a jacuzzi for $15. Did I mention pizza can be delivered there?!

UPDATE: James and Lori surprised me at mile 444, and gave some great trail magic to 25 hikers. 🙂 In the bottom photo, you can just make our their RV. I saw it from the ridge and thought….”Hmm..that kinda looks like theirs. And this is kinda reasonable distance. I wonder if that could be them?” Hehe. It made the remaining 2 miles so easy to churn out.
He had hot dogs, cookies, Guinness, Blue Moon, Michelob and more for hikers. It was a wonderful surprise. Later that night, Hendrix was able to join us for dinner in the RV.



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