Day 57: A zero in Bishop

June 10th
Total mileage: 788
Today’s mileage: 0!

I’ve showered and am now sitting in the laundromat in my rain kilt and raincoat, heh. We rode bikes from the hostel to the Burger Barn, a much hyped burger joint.

We woke up this morning at 5:30, afraid that the sprinklers would kick in, or we’d get in trouble for vagrancy. (After Tehachapi, one learns quickly to be suspicious of green lawns….) We packed and caught a 6:15 shuttle for an hour long ride to the town of Bishop.

Bishop is wonderful! Plenty of cheap options. Tons within walking distance. I’m sharing a room in the backpackers’ hostel with Howly and Recon.



3 thoughts on “Day 57: A zero in Bishop”

  1. I hope you had TWO of those burgers! I’m glad you’re doing well and caught up with Honeybadger – I hope her tent pole is holding up (hi for me!). Sounds like you made a good decision about Whitney. NEXT time!

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