Day 73: Yosemite Valley

June 26th

RebelBiscuit and I took the earliest free 2 hour shuttle down to the bottom of Yosemite Valley (10 am). Immediately ate pizza and missed the very next and last shuttle out of the valley (1:30 pm). Dumb system. We were lucky to make two consecutive hitches back to Tuolumne with Chopsticks and TurnipKing.

Classin’ it up, hehe. Enjoying $7 wine-in-a-box at 8:30 am, as we wait for the 10 am bus to take us down into Yosemite Valley.
7_20150626_155651_Hitching out of Yosemite
Turnip-King and Chopsticks trying in vain to get us a hitch for the 2 hour ride out of Yosemite and up to Tuolumne Meadows. You know…the place where our shelters and sleeping bags are.

Enjoy the dancing antics of Rebel as she tries to secure us a ride, hehe. Ultimately, sadly, these efforts were fruitless, although plenty of people honked or waved.

Highwater, Colo, Fancyfeet and Geisha decided to hike 22 miles down the JMT to see Half-Dome and Cloud’s Rest. (Geisha got lucky with a hitch and made it home before nightfall.) I would like to see both sites someday but really needed a down day. I’ve been feeling depleted and the skin on my left heel has cracked deeply. Need my heel to heal.

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