Day 79: A Long Series of Hitches

July 2nd

I now weigh 186 lbs, which I probably haven’t weighed since a teenager. :/ I started the trail at 219 lbs (and was 230 in Feb) so this amount of weigh loss is too much unfortunately. I’ve noticed I’m feeling seriously fatigued of late. I also have another pressing medical issue which requires a doc. So I made the decision to get off trail for a week to recoup and reassess.

I had a crazy day of adventures that involved 3 hitches and loads of miles from Kennedy Meadows North to Bridgeport to South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, at which I made a last minute flight purchase (free with my miles) of the only seat remaining on an 11 pm flight to PDX. I made the flight with seconds to spare. Huge thanks to everyone, especially Straightedge and Kyle.

More in the days ahead. Hope everyone has a great 4th!

The only formal public transit out of Bridgeport arrives on this side street.
A plague in Bridgeport.
By chance, I ran into Lumberjack while waiting for a shuttle to the outskirts of South Lake Tahoe. I hadn’t seen him since Yosemite.
This made the magic happen. 3 hitches. KM North –> Bridgeport, Bridgeport –> South Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe –> Sacramento


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  1. Happy July 4th to you, too, Tim! Hope you are feeling better and are back on your exciting trek soon 🙂

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