Day 87: Farther than Cheryl

July 21st
Today’s mileage: 24
My total mileage: 1148
PCT mile: 1329

Back near Big Bear Lake, a Scottish hiker named Toast announced he was naming his pack, “Cheryl”, so that Cheryl could travel farther than Cheryl did. Hehe. The heroine of “Wild” fame started at Mojave (having skipped the first 500 miles of desert, and later, the High Sierra) and ended at the Oregon/Washington border, putting her around 1,100 miles. Anyhow, I am pleased to announce that, no matter what else, Husk has rambled farther than Cheryl. 🙂 Now time to write a memoir, befriend Oprah, and make millions. MILLIONS. And OPRAH.

Speaking of which, I’ve been quoting Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” in the trail registries. Thank you very much.

We are aiming for 27 miles today, so I’d better stay focused. Big day for the others…we reach the official halfway pylon this afternoon! (I still owe 180 miles before I can celebrate my own, but hope to get good photos and video today.)

BTW, we stayed last night in the vicinity where this happened, hehe, so a little extra on guard.



Today the trail crossed many times between privately-held land and then back onto federal land. Unfortunately, the privately-held land often looked like the two pics below. The surrounding forest really was too dense to find an alternative course. We had to remove our packs and crawl through on hands and knees.image


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