Where are they now?

You know ’em, you love ’em… here is some more news about my fellow sojourners. Some are faring better than others, hehe.

Howly flew up to Seattle last night! we enjoyed Black Raven brewery.
We met Recon at Stevens Pass. He received his particle mask and goggles for the forest fire smoke ahead.
Recon is now 4 days from Canada! Unfortunately, it sounds like it's been a brutal week already. His feet have been wet for 12 hours by this point.
Squeeze Me Biscuits (Clint) has been alternating between crutches and a wheelchair the last two weeks. Hopefully he's on the mend soon!
And as for the Husk, he finally found a razor!

One thought on “Where are they now?”

  1. And he is looking just fine!! Congratulations Husk, It has been a privilege to be with you on this arduous journey, wish that I would be up to such an endeavor. My son Bo, and I will want to do a couple of days of the Trail next fall when we are in Oregon-Washington for a week or so. I will get back to you on that. A day or so before Bo flies back to Florida, Ane will be joining us in Portland or Seattle. She and I will do a ten day trip to Alaska and spend a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest before the rains come. We are expecting to see the two (three or four) of you.
    Love to all!

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