Day 80: Sierra City

July 14th
PCT mile: 1203
Today’s miles: 8
My miles: 1024

Spent last night in the very little town of Sierra City. Several interesting things happened, including a loud community-wide siren that went off throughout the night. We were told it is used to call medical and fire personnel.


Met Recon at the fish hatchery near Burney. He just finished the Hat Creek Rim…a perfect place for some of the Rockies’ finest!image

Cascadia 9s…not cutting it. I started wearing them at KM South. Sad, as my previous Cascadia 8s and 7s each have over 800 miles on them.




Howly, Skyline, Fancyfeet and I climbed out of the Sierra City together. I don’t think I realized just how inebriated the two gentlemen were, hehe. We climbed for about 8 miles and then called it an early evening on a ridge. That night was the best night sky of my entire hike. I was cowboy-camping, but not cold at all for the first time, and mosquitoes were completely absent. I recall seeing the Milky Way oriented up-and-down to me, and then later on in the night, I could see it was 90 degrees from its first position, with the Earth’s rotation.

07 - Slog out of Sierra City

Photo courtesy of Skyline. The four of us ascending out of Sierra City.

EXTRA: Joe Brewer has an excellent video showing the stretch of trail from South Lake Tahoe (Mile 1095) To Drakesbad Ranch (Mile 1354). I highly recommend subscribing to his channel:

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  1. Was so good to see you again! What a great surprise! Best Regards also to Howly and the others. Hope to see you all soon again.

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