Off-trail for now

Well friends, I have decided to stop hiking north this season. A lot of factors influenced this decision, but mostly I’m not interested in hiking alone. My friends are largely spread out and in different locations. I didnt meet a single northbounder the last couple of days on trail, but enjoyed meeting 8 or so southbounders who left Canada in June! We had fun swapping advice on where the free shower stalls are at nearby campgrounds, best eats in various towns, secret wifi passwords for little cafes, etc.

I may still join the Undertaker for a week on trail before the season is finished. I’d like to reach the 1,500 mile mark, although I likely have already with the various side mileage. (One example: I foolishly had Clint and I start at the I-5 exit of Castella, mile 1499, rather than mile 1506 where I’d already hiked to on the alternate route. These 7 mile blunders add up over time.)

I’m grateful for everyone’s support and interest! Hopefully, I can complete the trail in some future season. I hope to update my posts with elevation profiles and processed photos in the weeks ahead. I know I have some terrific shots from the High Sierra that have yet to see the light of day.

Squeeze Me Biscuits and Quack-Quack were kind enough to deliver me to Portland, from where I was able to catch a Bolt Bus to Seattle. I weighed in at 186 lb again, so I’m busy eating and drinking in excess all the things that you’re supposed to consume in moderation, and have been very, very lazy this week.

Hope everyone has had a great summer!

7 thoughts on “Off-trail for now”

  1. Sorry that you have decided to stop your hike for now – maybe a little more distance with the Undertaker. It’s been obvious to me that you were doing to PCT for the experience, not to hike 2650 miles. As in Rush’s Prime Mover, “the point of a journey is not to arrive”. I think you’re accomplished your goal – whether that was achieved in Oregon or Canada. Congrats!

    1. Thanks for your platinum level of support, Phanstern! It really meant a lot. Yeah, this adventure was definitely one where it felt about the journey most of all. Although if I had gotten down to the final two weeks, then I think it’d switch over to the destination. Hoping all the hikers up there are doing ok with the fires and still able to complete their goal. This interactive map makes it look quite bad in northern Washington, unfortunately.

  2. Please leave instructions on how to redeem free Manning beer from business card. Note: I will not be back in Manning this year. Is there a Seattle alternate? I suggest Freemont Brewing.

    1. Well now, you see, the phrasing on the card was very deliberate for just such a scenario. It was intended to incentivize the lot of you to, at the very least, carry the Husk into the endzone. Or, you know, the final 45 yards, what have you. Admittedly, it’d be a long play. I think if I can find you near Snoqualmie Pass, you may have earned yourself an extraction and a visit to Black Raven Brewery, or Snoqualmie Brewery if pressed for time. Plus I’ve been carrying something of yours for 400 miles in order to return it, hehe.

  3. I’m sorry to read you’ll be going off trail, but I think it’s awesome all that you’ve accomplished. I loved seeing your pictures. It must’ve been a great experience all together and I’ve definitely enjoyed following along.

    1. Thanks! Appreciated your support along the way! Hope things are going great on the other side of the pond!

  4. On more than one occasion (seemingly every hour for 168 hours straight), a wise man advised me to play Civilisations 5. Given the wise man’s recent decision, I think a quote from the game might ring truer now than ever before:
    “Seek not the lie of the immortals, but enjoy to the full the resources that are within reach.” -Pindar

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