Day 4: Bocce ball, a siesta, and a very long hot descent

April 18th
Total Mileage: 68     (Pioneer Mail Picnic (52.6mi) – Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail(68.4mi))
Today’s Mileage: 15.8mi

Update: tough day in the heat but we reached mile 68. A 30 mile dry stretch beginning tomorrow. We are likely to get off at Scissor’s Crossing and hitch into Julian to deal with some things.

Day 4 - Tim at mile 52

Day 4 - Large Rock Wall

Day 4 - Descent

Day 4 - Last Panorama

Day 4 - Mike leading the pack
The Breeze leading a train of hikers.
Day 5 Group Siesta
A two hour siesta in the middle of nowhere.
Day 4 - Bocce Ball
Bocce ball is serious business. Dan even brought a regulation measuring tape to resolve a dispute.

Day 4 - End of a 21 mile day

Day 4 - Mike surveying the landscape

Day 4 - Panorama of hills

Day 4 - Panorama

Day 4 - Mike high above the desert basin


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Bocce ball, a siesta, and a very long hot descent”

  1. That is dedication to bring that on the trail. Sounds like a fun way to take a break though!

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