Day 5: An Insufferable Slogfest to Scissors Crossing

April 19th
Total mileage: 77
Today’s Mileage: 9  (Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail(68.4 mi) – Scissors Crossing(77.3 mi))

Day 5 Vista 2

Day 5 - Stupid Tent

Day 5 Vista 1  Day 5 Umbrella Man

Day 5 - Checking location in the desert sun

Day 5 Shadow Day 5 - Two feet stones

Day 5 - PCT sign

Day 5 Seeking Shade

There were a dozen or so hikers at the Rodriguez fire watertank, and most had packed up and moved on before 7am. It was known that the next 30 miles were waterless, although the water caches at Scissors Crossing are often stocked and hikers can hitch into Julian if not. We didn’t push fast out of camp, as we knew we’d be stepping off trail at Scissors Crossing, which meant our first near-zero (nero) day of only 9 miles. It was a long, long 9 miles. The heat was oppressive in the high 80s, and our injuries really slowed us down. It was mostly a single-track narrow path that descended the ridgeline down to the desert basin, thousands of feet below. We both used our ChromeDome umbrellas for most of the day to great success.

We passed two southbound section hikers, one who was headed to Kickoff and the other who was giving chase in a sporty manner. Kinda bizarre to encounter these two people on a relatively narrow ledge, high above the barren landscape.

The trail finally dropped us down to the flat sandy badlands around mile 74, and we had a final 3 mile hike to the S2 highway, known as Scissors Crossing. We took refuge from the heat beneath a highway bridge, before our extraction. Mike had been dreaming of McDonald’s fries, and his wish was fulfilled about an hour later.

cropped toe blister

A Gate in the Badlands

Boulders around Mile 73

Day 5 - A Slogfest to Scissors Crossing

Day 5 - Mile 77 - the Badlands

Day 5 - Decompression at McDonald

7 thoughts on “Day 5: An Insufferable Slogfest to Scissors Crossing”

  1. I’m telling you, Husk, I’m not really sure what body part I’m looking at! As Moleskin Queen, I think you’ll be fine with some padding/Second Skin. I’ve had much worse. Your feet will eventually figure it out and toughen up. Enjoy your break!

    1. 🙂 I’ve been using glacial gel on it and moleskin on the balls of my feet. This toe one is just bad. Hoping to air it out the next day or so.

    1. 🙂 It’s still sore, but not infected. I think my ring and middle toe just are kinda fused together. I absolutely have gotta figure out how to best separate them. Not sure if that’s gonna be moleskin or duct tape.

      1. Hmm, is it even feasible to use the socks for separation. Some people say they prevent blisters and others say it causes them. 50/50 chance, pretty good odds if you ask me ;-).

        Great pictures by the way. The fuji is performing quite well.

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