Day 101: Farther than I-5!

August 12th
Today’s miles: 26 (+.2)
My total mileage: 1415
PCT mile 1588

Over 1400 miles, woot! If only the trail always went north! Out of morbid curiosity, I recently entered “Tijuana, MX to Vancouver, BC” into GoogleMaps and was shocked to see that it was less than 1,400 miles. How then does the trail take 2,650 miles?! Ack!

I-5 Mexico to Canada



We hiked late into the night on a trail like this. In retrospect, perhaps it was a mistake as we missed some of the views (plus it was probably a tad bit dangerous).

My best sunset of the entire season.

We pushed hard to find a flat spot. At one point, we even began to consider pitching on the trail itself, but I would have felt uneasy being so close to the edge.

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